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Rice Water Face Wash – 100ml Rice Water Face Wash – 100ml
Rice Water Face Wash – 100ml
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    Hair growth serum – 30ml Hair growth serum – 30ml
    Hair growth serum – 30ml
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      Face Serum – 30ml Face Serum – 30ml
      Face Serum – 30ml
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        Multi-Action Night Repair Face Serum   3% Centella Asiatica Extract(cica) 2%Ceramides Multi-Action Night Repair Face Serum   3% Centella Asiatica Extract(cica) 2%Ceramides
        Sunscreen SPF – 50g Sunscreen SPF – 50g
        Sunscreen SPF – 50g
        Regular price Rs. 275.00 Rs. 499.00 Sale price

          "Nourished by Nature, Perfected by Science"

          Made with Healthy Ingredients +

          At the heart of The Bellusco, we uphold values of transparency, simplicity, and effectiveness. We are committed to offering accessible skincare solutions that prioritize the health of your skin above all else.

          The world of cosmetics can be overwhelming and confusing, but at The Bellusco, we make it easy for you. We tailor our products to different skin types, guiding you to the skincare egime that's best suited to you.

          Free of Sulphates & Other Harsh Chemicals

          What distinguishes The Bellusco in the beauty industry landscape is our dedication to creating gentle, yet powerful skincare solutions.

          Our commitment extends beyond the surface. We insist on cruelty-free and vegan practices in the production of our products, ensuring they are not only good for you but also kind to our planet.

          Skin-Deep Wellness

          At The Bellusco, we fundamentally believe that true beaty stems from healthy skin rather than perfect appearances. We understand that skin is a living organ, responding daily to various internal and external factors.

          We prioritize creating skincare solutions that address the root cause of concerns rather than offering temporary fixes. At The Bellusco, we champion the philosophy that healthy skin is beautiful skin, and we're committed to helping you discover this beauty within.


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